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Lisa Obermeyer

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Sally Cohen, Digital Expert  eGrowth Marketing

Sally Cohen, Digital Expert

eGrowth Marketing

As principal and Lead Strategist, Lisa’s insight and knowledge, from years of frontline experience, is beyond big-agency media departments. She understands the nuances of each media, the application of research, psycho-graphical and behavioral research to every campaign. She can take the confusion out of the ever-changing media haze, develop a clear strategy and rationale for each client. Plus, a 20-year background in sales? This combination brings an uncommon depth of understanding and experience in today’s media agency world.

SMG teams with people that know their fields of work very well. Project partner, Sally Cohen, is our highly talented digital aficionado and brings 20 years of online marketing knowledge and experience. She oversees her company, eGrowth Marketing in Phoenix.

Our creative writers and producers have created extensive work in their fields. They bring an incredible amount of talent. They are adept at crafting fresh messaging and extend or develop brands for our clients. This is what makes SMG superior to others in our field. We have the right people for your project, we understand the goals and we know how to get there.