A major win in wyoming!


In 2018, Mark Gordon won Governor of Wyoming in spite of stiff competition. The Republican field consisted of seven candidates in the Primary. Stratosphere Media was selected to join the campaign team due to our trusted media-planning experience, knowledge and thorough work in past cycles.

The campaign was doubly outspent by the billionaire from Jackson Hole, whose format preference was :60-second radio and TV ads. Another candidate was a multimillionaire businessman from Cheyenne, also outspending us. The third opponent was the long-time land-rights attorney that had garnered a loyal following thru many years of hard work in that arena. Another three candidates had also entered the Primary race, totaling to seven.

Gordon logo.jpg

Stratosphere Media considered the competitive as well as the natural landscape of Wyoming, researching ways to reach those not easily reached in a mountainous state. Adding addressable audience satellite to a strong multi-platform campaign filled the gaps to reach registered voters. Our strategy was solid, using it to calibrate the plan for any shift in our tactics.


Mark’s positive message of conservatism and vision for Wyoming’s future was always at the forefront. Our team reinforced his vision, in a way that voters could see their role in the state’s future.

We are proud to have worked with Mark Gordon and congratulate him on this success. 67% of the Wyoming voters agree.